Live Q&A: How to improve patient care with call tracking

For years, marketers have relied on call tracking to help them know which ads, keywords, and campaigns are working.

Today, healthcare providers are using it to transform care.

Call tracking software delivers in-depth information about each person who calls your business — including how they found you. It connects incoming calls to your marketing efforts so you can pinpoint which ads drove which calls. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We're hosting a live Q&A with top healthcare marketers to find out how HIPPA-compliant call tracking also helps them improve patient experiences. You’ll learn how they use call tracking insights to improve staff training and personalize care.

Join the conversation — and perfect your practice.

Hosts: Francis Acunzo, Founder, Acara Partners

Preston Powell, Chief Operating Officer, Window to Recovery

Jonathan Naccachee, President, Webistry

Allison Wert, Senior Marketing Strategist, SmartBug Media

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What you'll learn

  • How call tracking improves patient care
  • Where you should spend more — and less — on marketing
  • Call tracking insights that can enhance staff training