How to Improve Analytics for Multi-Location Businesses

Businesses in all industries are feeling the impact of COVID-19. Social distancing, while extremely important for public health, means that customers aren’t visiting store-fronts. In the absence of foot-traffic, digital marketing needs to work even harder. To maximize and optimize your digital presence, you need strong analytics.

Tracking your marketing efforts is hard enough when you are dealing with a single location or business. When you are dealing with multiple locations or franchises things get more complex.  Join us as we talk with Paul Schmidt, Senior Marketing Strategist at SmartBug Media, about how to improve your tracking and analytics for multi-location organizations.


David Schroeder, CallRail Senior Demand Generation Manager

Paul Schmidt, Senior Marketing Strategist at SmartBug Media

What you'll learn

  • Best practices for multi-location analytics
  • Common configuration mistakes
  • Suggested reporting methods