A getting started guide to tracking your online marketing efforts

CallRail offers two kinds of call tracking: source-level and visitor tracking.

Source-level tracking comes standard with every CallRail account, and is a way to test your overall campaign effectiveness. Visitor tracking is the second type, and is best for companies that want user-specific data and more insight on how their search terms, bids, and website pages are performing. This type of tracking helps illuminate the individual paths-to-purchase taken by customers.

To learn more about the advantages of visitor tracking and how to get started, downloaded this guide to tracking your online marketing efforts.

What you'll learn

  • What visitor tracking is and how to create a website pool
  • How dynamic number insertion works
  • Steps to test your tracking numbers once they're created
  • Turning on call and text notifications
  • Integrating with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads
  • Best practices for analyzing the data you collect