Do You Convert develops fail-proof, call-based sales programs for home builders

Jen Barkan, an online sales coach with Do You Convert, does everything for her clients from hiring and training online sales agents to building lead-generation processes from the ground up.

For each client, a critical part of Jen’s process is setting up Call Tracking and Lead Center.

“Being a true partner, to me, means providing solutions so that our sales specialists can get the job done. And they’ve got to have the right tools to do that.”

To learn more about how Do You Convert uses CallRail’s products as the foundation for their sales programs, download the case study.

What you'll learn

  • How to build relationships with clients and prove ROI through Call Tracking and Form Tracking
  • How to guarantee representatives are making the most of every lead
  • How to easily manage teams and set up call routing for your clients
  • How to make the most of SMS texting and other communication options to enhance call-based programs