Optimize your marketing for every stage of the funnel

Marketing professionals and agencies track their marketing efforts from top of funnel results to conversion, seeking to understand what campaigns are resulting in the highest ROI. But in today’s landscape where the consumer’s journey to buy is spread across several channels and multiple time periods, this is no easy task.Join Gravity Digital’s CEO, Casey O’Quinn, along with CallRail’s Partner Marketing Manager, Rachel Ward, and Product Manager, John Weaver to learn how to optimize your marketing analytics across all channels, and get the largest return on your investments.


Learn how to optimize your marketing with multi-touch attribution

With all of the different channels and sources modern marketers are using today, it’s becoming a necessity to track each touchpoint of the buyer journey. To truly understand which activities are driving high-converting leads, marketers must track ad engagement, website visitors, calls, form submissions, chat, texts, offline campaigns, the list goes on. While all of that data can potentially be accessible in the respective platforms, optimization is only effective when you have the complete story.


Top 3 ways to effectively analyze your creative campaign

One of the biggest challenges every agency must face is continually proving the value of their marketing. Even if your campaigns are driving a low cost per lead and your engagement rates are strong, your client still wants to know how you’re impacting their bottom line. So how do you continually analyze your creative campaigns to prove they are driving new leads and revenue?Join the experts from CallRail and Anvil Analytics + Insights to learn how to identify unimportant vanity metrics that should be scrubbed from your monthly reports, and how to instead highlight meaningful engagement metrics. You’ll walk away from this webinar with impactful tips and ideas that can strengthen your entire agency’s reporting acumen.


How messaging platforms boost marketing performance

You may not have noticed, but messaging platforms are changing how we work and how we, as marketers, deliver value to our clients. And it’s happened very quickly while representing nothing less than a generational change in how we do business and how we build applications.Join Michael Sengbusch, CEO and co-founder of Eletype, and Christina Bourne, CallRail Senior Product Manager, to learn how marketers can use messaging platforms like Slack to improve transparency and accountability, detect problems early on, and improve your customer experience.


Attribution Report: How Today’s Marketers Measure Campaign Performance

Marketing attribution is critical but elusive. We surveyed 300 marketers about the challenges of reporting on their marketing performance. Unsurprisingly, many of them are struggling to bring clarity to their reporting –– knowing which keywords, channels, and campaigns are driving real leads. And nearly all of them said a lack of attribution was their biggest obstacle.We also surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers about their preferences and expectations when contacting a business. Do they prefer to text the business? Fill out an online form? Call the business? And how do these preferences change when transactions are high-value or low-value? We gathered key findings around all of this and more.


Campaign architecture: The art of organizing advertising data

Waiting until the end of a campaign to sift through a pile of data simply doesn’t scale. Translating every ad dollar into an organized data map is a necessary step that enables marketers to hold vendors and partners accountable. Further, when every data source has a home or “bucket” – marketers spend less time translating data in reporting tools and more time making use of the data they have.Join LumenAd’s, Brand and Partnerships Director, Anthony Krolczyk, along with CallRail’s Partner Marketing Manager, Rachel Ward, to learn why Campaign Architecture is mission critical for growth-oriented teams that strive to take an intelligent and outcomes-based approach to digital advertising.


Attribution reporting: Get organized with CallRail

Do you know, with certainty, which channels are driving the best conversions for your organization? Furthermore, are you able to quantify which marketing tactics are providing the best value for your clients?Don’t wait! This worksheet is a perfect place to start, especially if you have clients running cross-channel campaigns with multiple touchpoints.

White Paper

How Workshop Digital increased ROI and conversion rates with CallRail

As a digital agency, Workshop Digital must provide a complete picture of every client's campaign results and use the data to drive optimizations that increase ROI. Read this case study to learn how Workshop Digital used Call and Form Tracking, combined with Conversation Intelligence to gain up to 67 percent more leads and 11 percent higher ROI.