Optimize your marketing for every stage of the funnel

Learn how to optimize your marketing analytics across all channels, and get the largest return on your investments.


Learn how to optimize your marketing with multi-touch attribution

While all of that data can potentially be accessible in the respective platforms, optimization is only effective when you have the complete story.


Top 3 ways to effectively analyze your creative campaign

You’ll walk away from this webinar with impactful tips and ideas that can strengthen your entire agency’s reporting acumen.


How messaging platforms boost marketing performance

learn how marketers can use messaging platforms like Slack to improve accountability, detect problems early on, and improve your customer experience.


Attribution Report: How Today’s Marketers Measure Campaign Performance

CallRail found common pain points among marketers, especially when it comes to attribution. Read our report to get more information.


Campaign architecture: The art of organizing advertising data

Learn why Campaign Architecture is critical for growth-oriented teams that strive to take an intelligent and outcomes-based approach to digital advertising.


Attribution reporting: Get organized with CallRail

Determine which channels are driving conversions and providing value

White Paper

How Workshop Digital increased ROI and conversion rates with CallRail

Read this case study to learn how Workshop Digital used CallRail's Analytics Suite to gain up to 67 percent more leads and 11 percent higher ROI.


Treasure Hunt: Mapping buyer journeys from clicks to conversion (a Camp CallRail Workshop)

Watch this webinar to learn top challenges in tracking the buyer journey and key ways to solve for them.


Arts and crafts: Crafting data-driven campaign strategies (a Camp CallRail Workshop)

Find out how to take advantage of all your advertising data in our third Camp CallRail workshop.


How to Use High Impact Reporting to Boost Revenue

Join CallRail and our partners GeniusDM and DashThis as we share our reporting secrets.