The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business

We’ve teamed up with SMB Team to deliver the ultimate guide. Our guide to Google My Business will teach you how to create a GMB profile that delivers SEO results without too much effort so you can get back to what matters: your customers.


Google My Business Quick Start Guide

Want to utilize Google My Business but not sure where to begin? Download our quick start guide to learn the basics -- fast!


Local Search Strategy: How to optimize your GMB Listing

With 94 percent of all searches occurring on Google, and nearly half of those searches resulting in “zero-clicks” or clicks to Google-owned properties, it is important now more than ever to stay up to date on all Google My Business [GMB] updates and trends. Join local search experts Fernando Angulo, Head of Communications at SEMRush, and Madelyn Newman, Director of Product and Customer Marketing at CallRail, to learn GMB tips that will supercharge your local SEO.

White Paper

The Google My Business Checklist for Success

Are you unsure whether or not you're getting the most out of your Google My Business (GMB) listing? Don't worry! We created this GMB checklist to help you complete your profile and increase your local search results.


How to Improve Analytics for Multi-Location Businesses

Businesses in all industries are feeling the impact of COVID-19. Social distancing, while extremely important for public health, means that customers aren’t visiting store-fronts. In the absence of foot-traffic, digital marketing needs to work even harder. To maximize and optimize your digital presence, you need strong analytics.Tracking your marketing efforts is hard enough when you are dealing with a single location or business. When you are dealing with multiple locations or franchises things get more complex.  Join us as we talk with Paul Schmidt, Senior Marketing Strategist at SmartBug Media, about how to improve your tracking and analytics for multi-location organizations.Hosts:David Schroeder, CallRail Senior Demand Generation ManagerPaul Schmidt, Senior Marketing Strategist at SmartBug Media


Content Strategy for all Stages of the Buying Cycle

Your agency is constantly on the hunt for new clients, and reaching your target client - at the right time - is a challenge. Your client’s buying journey has evolved (and so has their customers’), and so should your content marketing strategy. When creating content for your agency, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on one aspect of the buying cycle - usually the top of funnel (ie awareness) stage. But your buyer’s journey is long, no longer linear, and intersects different stages now. So how do you, as a resource-strapped agency, maximize your content strategy so you can work smarter, and not harder to reach your prospects throughout their buying cycle?  Watch our 30 minute webinar to learn the best ways to map your content marketing to each stage of the buyer’s journey. On our webinar, you’ll learn: