Campaign architecture: The art of organizing advertising data

Waiting until the end of a campaign to sift through a pile of data simply doesn’t scale. Translating every ad dollar into an organized data map is a necessary step that enables marketers to hold vendors and partners accountable. Further, when every data source has a home or “bucket” – marketers spend less time translating data in reporting tools and more time making use of the data they have.

Join LumenAd’s, Brand and Partnerships Director, Anthony Krolczyk, along with CallRail’s Partner Marketing Manager, Rachel Ward, to learn why Campaign Architecture is mission critical for growth-oriented teams that strive to take an intelligent and outcomes-based approach to digital advertising.

What you'll learn

  • How categorizing campaign data into portfolios allows you to more easily attribute performance to desired business outcomes.
  • Why data mapping is the missing ingredient to a more transparent supply chain.
  • 8 questions you need to answer to build your own data map.
  • How Campaign Architecture cultivates cross-department alignment by giving every stakeholder access to the right data