Buddy check: Identifying revenue-driving partners (a Camp CallRail Workshop)

At camp, your buddies have your back. They help you make new friends. Scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours. It's the same in business: partners enhance offerings, increase reach, and drive revenue. Seeking inspiration? Join our last Camp CallRail workshop. Our real-life partners will share real-world success stories.

The workshop will be led by Anca Bujor, Partner Marketing Manager at Unbounce; Patrick Schrodt, Founder of Titan PPC; Nicholas Scalice, Founder of Earnworthy; and Bridget Graf, Product Marketing Manager at CallRail.

Illustrated rope knot

What you'll learn

  • Strategies for finding the right partners
  • How partners help you reach new audiences
  • Why partnerships increase brand equity and awareness
  • Ways partnerships can differentiate your business 
  • How partnerships can lead to new services