Arts and crafts: Crafting data-driven campaign strategies (a Camp CallRail Workshop)

What’s the secret to many of the most successful ad campaigns? Data. It’s the insights behind the catchy creative that make prospects call, click, and convert. And it’s the metrics that help marketers fine-tune campaign spending and performance. Find out how to take advantage of all your advertising data in our third Camp CallRail workshop.

Join LumenAd’s, Director of Media Services, Madison Roberts and Director of Omnichannel Solutions, Nick Lange, along with Merlino Media Group’s VP of Media, Katie Glaisyer to learn essential components for aligning your advertising investments with a well thought out data strategy. CallRail’s Demand Generation Marketing Manager, Rachel Ward, will join them.

Illustrated needle sewing a patch

What you'll learn

  • The importance of creating a data-centric advertising plan
  • What data you should consider for each ad campaign
  • The basics of aligning data with marketing strategy
  • How and when to give stakeholders access to data
  • How to use campaign data to fine-tune program performance and increase ROI