Multi Channel Call Attribution

View Every Interaction That Leads to a Call

Multichannel Call Attribution


See Every Touchpoint Leading to a Phone Sale

Businesses today focus on reaching users across multiple sources (channels) such as television, smartphones, internet, print ads, digital ads, podcasts, videos and more. Customer  interactions with each of these channels can now be attributed to their sources, tracked across time and analyzed to better understand customer behavior.

This information is pivotal in planning future campaigns and maximizing your marketing budget to yield the best return on investment. CallRail’s Multi Channel Call Attribution allows you to view your tracking data through your Calls By Source report and through your Visitor Timeline for each caller.

How CallRail Multi Channel Call Attribution Works

Traditionally in analytics, conversions and transactions are tracked to the last search, call or ad that the visitor experienced before the sale. Of course, that doesn’t reveal all the other interactions that may have led to the final conversion. You have no idea how long the prospect has been looking for a solution and what other sources led them to you.

Let’s say a visitor comes to your website through a Google Ads (formerly AdWords) advertisement. Two days later, they remember visiting your website and decide to visit again, this time finding your site by doing a Google Organic search. Five days later, they’re browsing the web and see your retargeting advertisement through AdRoll and visit your site through that link.

Before multi channel attribution, you would only see the first channel a visitor came through–in this case, Google Ads. Now, you can see that the caller first came through Google Ads, then came back through Google Organic, and finally, though AdRoll.

Actionable Insights from Call Attribution

The wisdom you collect from multi channel attribution data will help influence important decisions within your marketing efforts. Knowing each channel that leads visited before converting paints a picture of which efforts are working and which efforts need some attention. Here are a few of the ways you can use the data collected from attribution tracking:

  • Effectively measure which online marketing channels lead to offline call conversions.
  • Use the insight you’ve received from your multi channel attribution data to optimize current campaigns and plan cost-effective future campaigns.
  • Gain a complete view of client behavior, which will allow you to effectively create your marketing budget, and provide your internal and external clients with proof of successful marketing campaigns.

Attribution tracking data and insights will help you assess your campaigns and improve your ROI. Contact our team for more information.

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