Local Swap™

Localize Dynamic Number Insertion

Give your business a local presence by replacing the phone number on your website to match the area code of your customer. Your customers will continue to see the same phone number with an area code specific to your customer, providing confidence that they are reaching the correct business.

Local Swap is a feature included in all CallRail plans.

How Does Local Swap™ Work?

Local Swap is simply a toggle option located under your existing DNI settings. Easily turn it on and choose your respective area codes based on your marketing campaigns.  Local Swap requires a minimum of two numbers. Identify the amount of numbers needed by referencing Google Analytics (per location) data.

DNI for local numbers


How do visitors see the same tracking phone number if they come back later?

The same as DNI; CallRail places a cookie on their browser to recognize them when they return and to continue to show them the same local or toll-free tracking phone number.

Are toll-free numbers required to use Local Swap? 

No, toll-free numbers are not required, however, they are recommended in the event that there isn’t an area code matching the area code of a caller.

Do I need to purchase numbers to account for blended area codes?

No. Blended area codes are not taken into account.


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