Form Submission

Call while your leads are hot — not hours later.

Shorter Response Times. Higher Conversion Rates.

You’re more likely to win business when you call customers back quickly. With CallRail’s Form Submission feature, you can follow up on web form submissions on your website instantly. Form Submission instantly turns your web form submissions into phone calls so you can quickly connect with your customers. Each time a customer fills out a form on your website, we’ll capture that lead and instantly alert you by phone, text message, or email. Once you’ve received a phone notification, you’ll have the option to call the customer back immediately.

Start Increasing Your Lead Conversion Rates

You can access Form Submission within the “Customization” menu of your company’s dashboard. Once you’ve checked the box to enable Form Submission, you’ll choose if you’d like to capture forms on all of your web pages or just one specific page.

Configure phone call, text message, and email alerts, as well as the phone numbers and email addresses that should receive those alerts. When you receive a phone call alert, you’re able to call the customer back immediately, and choose which number the customer will see on their caller ID.

Enable Phone Call Alerts

Set “Business Hours” and you’ll still receive email alerts after hours, but we won’t bother you with phone calls or text messages.

Reap the Benefits of Lightning Fast Form Submission

  • Reduce your response time and increase your conversion rate.
  • Send form leads to your phone, and call prospects immediately.
  • Reach your clients while they’re still thinking about your business and ready to talk.
  • Manage all of your inbound leads (forms and phone calls) in one dashboard.