Dynamic Number Insertion

Swap Phone Numbers Dynamically Depending on the Source of Traffic

Dynamic Number Insertion

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Dynamic Number Insertion Shows the Right Phone Number to Every Visitor

CallRail quickly integrates call tracking into your website by using a unique phone number for each source, such as Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Yahoo Organic, Yelp, Facebook, or any other website. The correct tracking number will be displayed everywhere a phone number appears when a user reaches your website via one of those sources and will be fed into your analytics for further review.

From there, the user will see the same dynamic number each time they visit your website. This ensures there is no confusion if a user is visiting from a different source than they did the first time they came to your site, meaning your brand will stay consistent through every source.


How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

This feature, like all other CallRail features, is easy to install and quick to set up. Here’s a brief overview on how dynamic number replacement works:

  1. Install a one-line snippet of JavaScript on your website.
  2. Create CallRail tracking numbers to track visitors from specific sources (for example, Google Ads)
  3. When a visitor arrives on your website, CallRail’s JavaScript detects their source and swaps their phone number automatically so you can track which sources are sending you phone calls.


How do visitors see the same tracking phone number if they come back later?

CallRail places a cookie on their browser to recognize them when they return and to continue to show them the same local or toll-free tracking phone number.

Can CallRail dynamically swap phone numbers in images?

Yes, we can! Here’s how: Dynamic Image Replacement.

Call tracking is beneficial to businesses for many reasons, and this feature only enhances the data you are able to collect even more. For more information about dynamic call tracking and phone number replacement, contact our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you.