Follow each step of every customer’s journey

Each time a customer contacts your business, they take another step in their journey. Lead Center’s timeline captures their progress in real time so you can follow them along their path to purchase, interaction by interaction. Here’s how it works.

The phone’s ringing. Before you answer, you check out that contact’s timeline. You notice it’s not the first time they’ve reached out: there’s a live chat from last week and a text exchange from a few days ago. In a couple of clicks, you see the conversation evolved from general questions to pricing. Maybe today, they’re ready to buy.

Lead Center timeline insights give you the confidence to go for the close. And you didn't have to ask, “why are you calling today?”

How the Lead Center timeline keeps your team ready for action

Follow every customer call, form submission, live chat, and text

Each contact’s history with your business is right there for you and your team. Every incoming, active, and recent communication. Milestones — like first touch and qualification — are highlighted for quick reference.

Lead Center screenshot

One click to conversation details

Click on any interaction to learn what transpired. Calls reveal recordings, transcripts, and highlights. Text and chat show every message to and from contacts. And forms share details from website requests.

One click to respond

Missed calls happen. Thanks to your timeline, they don’t have to become missed opportunities. Lead Center keeps you one click away from connecting with customers, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

And texts. And chats. And website requests.

Call it the just-in-time-line

Or the real-time-line? Lead Center’s timeline keeps you in-step with every move a prospect makes, so you’ll be in the know when they’re ready to close.

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