Take, make, and transfer all your calls with Lead Center’s built-in softphone

Work’s a thing you do, not a place you go. For many businesses, deskbound phone systems can’t keep up. To stay in touch with customers, they juggle multiple devices and share cell phone numbers (even personal ones).

All those numbers are confusing for your team and your callers. They make your communications problem worse — and missed opportunities even more inevitable.

That’s why Lead Center includes a built-in virtual phone system that works wherever your team does, remote or in the office. It also allows you to ditch separate devices for calling, texting, and other ways to communicate with customers, centralizing them all into Lead Center’s single seamless inbox.

Stop managing old, expensive phone infrastructure and finally cut the cord.

Anything your phone system can do, Lead Center does better

Lead Center is built around VoIP technology, freeing phones from wires and offices. Also known as a softphone, Lead Center’s unlimited calling lets you make, take, and transfer calls over any internet-connected device like a computer or smartphone. Plus agents can work wherever the job takes them with the Lead Center mobile app.

Make phone calls from any number and any device

A key aspect of Lead Center’s virtual phone system is the decoupling of phone numbers and physical phones. Instead of being tethered by a corded desk phone at the office, Lead Center turns any device into a cloud phone over the internet. You can take calls from your desktop PC, laptop, mobile device, or tablet — with the same single, easy-to-use interface.

Maintain professionalism and privacy

You shouldn’t have to share your personal number with customers or prospects. Through your smartphone with the Lead Center app, you won’t have to. It lets you handle business calls and texts via softphone, giving you greater peace of mind and your leads one less number to learn.

Place and receive calls with numbers your customers recognize

Combining the power of Call Tracking with Lead Center's VoIP softphone unlocks detailed analytics. Not only can you see the sources that drive leads to your business, but you can also immediately take action on leads using your call tracking numbers to follow up via phone or text. After all, your leads are more likely to answer a call or message from a number they recognize.


Automatically capture lead data

Lead Center automatically creates a searchable database of your leads and customers as they contact you. What’s more, a detailed record of every interaction will be neatly filed under each contact for you. Access this data from any device.

Work smarter with Smart Caller ID

Lead Center allows you to choose any of your CallRail call tracking numbers to serve as your outbound caller ID. But that’s not all. With Smart Caller ID, Lead Center remembers which tracking numbers you use with which customers. Lead Center automatically sets your outbound caller ID to the number last used with any given customer.

Use our mobile app to take Lead Center with you

With iOS and Android mobile apps available to download, you can tap the power of Lead Center from your smartphone. Call your business contacts, leads, and customers from anywhere, and breathe easy knowing the history of any conversation will be stored in your Lead Center account to reference later.

Manage calls with confidence, wherever your work takes you

Lead Center delivers the full functionality of your legacy phone system and much more.

Meet your customers where they are — whether through a phone call, an online form submission, or an SMS or MMS text message. Route and transfer calls, and quickly respond to customers and prospects over cloud phone from wherever you’re working. Ensure conversations keep up with your standards. Channel all your communications through one single inbox for your whole team.

Lead Center gives you the power to take control of your communications. Empower your team to handle business from anywhere, and bring detailed history (and confidence) to every conversation.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of Lead Center today, and see how it works for your business.