Transform sales, support, and ROI with customizable reports

Ever wonder which of your marketing efforts are driving phone calls? Lead Center delivers answers, courtesy of CallRail Call Tracking.

Call Tracking links your ads, keywords, and campaigns to unique phone numbers, so when someone calls, you know what inspired them. The robust analytics data you see in Lead Center’s Dashboard is powered by Call Tracking.

With an extensive library of predefined reports, Lead Center makes it easy to see which campaigns are producing the most leads, which sources are driving the best leads, and which trends should be on your sales or service radar. Reports are easy to export and share, too, so your team can swiftly shift from insight to action.

Easily identify actionable insights

Lead Center automatically tracks, analyzes, and attributes all your inbound calls to your marketing campaigns, so you’ll always know which are worth the investment. Reports make it easier to dig deeper, so you can spend smarter and identify sales and service trends that need attention. Here are some of Lead Center’s most popular reporting options.

Call attribution report: Links unique call tracking numbers to inbound calls so you know which ads, keywords, and campaigns are driving the most (and the best) opportunities.


Lead attribution report: Connects call data with external analytics, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising to reveal which marketing sources — from ads to billboards, keywords, and flyers — are the most valuable. This report also lets you quickly and easily calculate your true cost per per lead (CPL) and customer acquisition cost (CAC).


Calls by agent: Breaks down calls made to your tracking numbers by individual agents, CSRs or inside sales associates to analyze where you could improve efficiency. You can also filter this report by time frame and view a breakdown by:

  • Total calls
  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound calls
  • Missed calls
  • Average duration

Call by tag: Lead Center lets you classify and qualify contacts while you’re talking to them. You can use tags to flag criteria that’s important to your business. This report lets you visualize your business’ most frequently used tags as a bar graph or word cloud.

Custom reports: Because every business is different, we’ve made our library of reports customizable. So go ahead: filter and click your way to the insights you need to improve ROI, service, or support.

Pivot your team and your marketing with customizable reports

Sometimes, what you don’t know can hurt your business. See what you’ve been missing with Lead Center reporting. Powered by Call Tracking, it puts you in control of your marketing ROI, and helps you identify opportunities for coaching and upselling.

What can you learn from Lead Center reports? Find out during a 14-day free trial.