Help your staff succeed with team monitoring

Your team’s doing their best, right? What if you could help them do better? Better agent performance leads to better customer experiences, and both start with better insights.

With Team View in Lead Center’s dashboard, you can easily monitor team performance. At a glance, you’ll see who’s available, offline, or busy with a customer. Use what you learn to optimize workflows for individual agents or the whole team.

Fine-tuning individual and team performance

In Lead Center, anyone on your team who communicates with inbound callers is known as an “agent.” Once you’ve set them up in Lead Center, Team View gives you agent-level insight into a variety of data and insights, right in your dashboard.

Agents by team: See who’s on which team and know who’s available at a glance. Spot underperforming and overtasked agents, then use what you learn to help teams deliver better customer experiences.


Previous interactions with contacts: Click an agent to see their most recent activity or learn which contacts they’ve communicated with before, as well as the nature of those interactions (calls, texts, or live chat).


Call times and durations: Find out which agents are handling calls efficiently, and who could benefit from additional training or coaching. You’ll also see which agents have callers waiting, so you can redirect them to available team members.

Longest current handle: When calls run long, Lead Center helps you pinpoint them, or can even notify you. From there, you can evaluate the call’s impact on the queue, monitor the call, and if the agent needs assistance, join it.

Abandoned calls: Too often, abandoned calls mean missed opportunities. With Lead Center Team View, you can explore abandoned call patterns and trends to improve service and support at the agent and team levels.

Help your teams upgrade customer experiences

Front and center in your Lead Center dashboard, Team View delivers performance insights when and where you need them. Combined with call monitoring, team monitoring can help you turn more callers into customers and loyal fans.

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