You’ll ❤️ Lead Center MMS text messaging

A plumber can't provide a quote for work without knowing what a pipe rupture looks like. A real estate agent can’t raise interest in a property without sharing pictures. That's where Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messaging comes in.

Businesses can send or receive a picture, video, or audio file directly from their Lead Center inbox, saving time and creating a seamless experience for the customer. Communicate more efficiently and thoroughly by exchanging more than just SMS (short message service) texts and links through Lead Center.

Share images, videos, audio, and text, from your Lead Center inbox

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages with images.

Anything your customers can capture on their mobile phone or tablet can be shared with you. This includes images, audio files, and videos.

Eliminate data silos and manage all exchanges through Lead Center

Lead Center keeps track of all text exchanges, calls, and form submissions through the same interface. Bringing together every way your leads or customers can communicate with you into one single solution eliminates the risk of leads falling through the cracks. Never miss another follow-up.

Collect files via MMS messaging

Receive PDFs from customers to expedite the documentation process, which all too frequently slows down the sales process.


Save time with Quick Texts

Save and use frequently sent messages as Quick Texts. Use Quick Texts to respond to missed calls with a text message, or to send appointment reminders and promotions without having to write a new message each time.

Meet different audiences where they prefer to communicate

Different audiences prefer different ways to communicate. Some prefer a phone call, others a text exchange or live chat. To provide superior customer service for all and to cater to a wider audience, meet your leads and customers where they are.

Capture lead data through Lead Center

It doesn’t matter where you use Lead Center, whether on the road or in the office. Lead Center will automatically capture the phone number to respond to and maintain the necessary information, all from one view. No more shuffling and trying to keep things straight between company phones, personal phones, and landlines just to respond to a lead.

Monitor — or join — text threads

Keep tabs on your team members’ MMS text messaging conversations, as you would with any other exchange in Lead Center.

Lead Center offers more than just MMS texting for business🤝

Lead Center is a powerful, actionable single inbox for all prospects and customer communications. Respond to your prospects and customers seamlessly in the same way they contact you — whether that’s via MMS text messaging, an online form submission, or phone call. In doing this, you’re also future-proofing your business in catering to new, wider audiences of potential customers.

Easily scale providing support for your customer base across agents, devices, and types of communication with centralized communications.

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