Gain control of your contacts and communications

Centralize your business's contacts, consolidate your team's calls, texts, and chats, and customize routing flows for incoming conversations. Lead Center gives you the tools you need to improve response times and craft 5-star customer experiences.

Follow every customer interaction

Every time a contact reaches out to your business, they add a milestone to their interaction history. Follow along with a live timeline and place every conversation in context.

Manage your communications

Call flows automate what happens when someone calls your business. CallRail offers several templates to get you started. You can customize them or build call flows of your own.

The answer is call flow automation — an intuitive point-and-click flow builder for determining who to ring, when to ring them, what to do if they’re not available, and more. Making changes on the fly is as easy as updating your availability in the Lead Center mobile app .

Here’s the difference:

  • Cold transfer: your team member transfers the call directly to another agent with no handoff
  • Warm transfer: your team member places the caller on a brief hold and provides the new agent with contextual information or joins the call by merging the two together

Yes! Lead Center’s communications management tools make sure every call is answered in a fair and orderly manner. For example, you can choose to route callers to individual agents, “simulcall” to all available agents at once, or “round robin” to selected agents.

You can add contacts manually (one by one) or in bulk (via contact list). Bulk uploads are especially handy if your business collects offline leads, like storefront walk-ins. This allows your team to keep a shared database of all leads and customers to reference at any time.

With CallRail’s Lead Center, our lead management went from being a free-for- all to an organized, strategized, and thought-out workflow.

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