Classify and qualify contacts while you’re talking to them

Sometimes, it takes a team to close a deal. That’s when proper lead classification and streamlined qualification is critical: tapping the right information at the right time can set your business up for success.

Lead Center makes it easy to classify opportunities in real time. Then the moment they’re qualified, click the thumb’s up so everyone knows. That way, your team will treat your best leads with the urgency they deserve, armed with the insights they need to close deals.

Lead Center’s classification panel: your window on winning

The moment someone calls, texts, chats, or submits a form, their classification panel appears. Use it to tag contacts, assign a value to them, take notes, and even qualify them while you’re talking.

Adding tags. Tag opportunities by lead source, the team who handled the call, or escalating importance. Build out processes based on tags to streamline work and keep your agents in step with one another. Pro tip: you can also automate tagging by building a custom call flow (it’s easy).

Assigning monetary values. What’s an opportunity worth to your business? Keep track of high-value leads and communicate revenue potential by entering a monetary value. Sort values to see revenue brought in by agent, PPC keyword, and marketing source. Like tagging, you can also automatically assign dollar values to specific actions.

Writing notes. Now and then, conversations yield insights that you can’t classify with a tag or value — that’s what notes are for. Use them to share helpful context with others who respond to the same contacts.

Keypad scoring. Categorize and classify calls as soon as they end with keypad scoring. Just follow the prompts and punch a few keys to tag and qualify contacts without having to log in to CallRail. If you use Form Tracking, qualified calls populate your leads report so you can track how many callers convert.

Qualifying leads. To qualify a lead, click 👍 in the classification panel. Then at a glance, everyone will know which opportunities have the most potential, and which marketing efforts are working.

Keep your leads closer to closing

Every opportunity counts. Lead Center helps you make the most of each one with classification and qualification that’s both immediate and accessible.

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