The only inbox you need for all your business communications

The way you’re managing communications doesn’t add up. Some customers call. Some text. Others chat. Keeping up with all those conversations means managing multiple devices, apps, and phone lines. Now, multiply that hassle across your entire team, then subtract all the opportunities you miss.

Finally, there’s business communications software that centralizes all those conversations into a single inbox. One place where all your calls, multimedia text messages, and live chats converge, that’s also one click away from customers.

It’s Lead Center’s unified inbox. And it’s accessible any time, anywhere your team needs it, in the office or on the go.

Centralize calls, texts, and chat

Your team’s unified inbox organizes all your business’s calls, texts, and chats as “incoming,” “active,” or “recent.” Click a contact for interaction details plus call recordings, call transcripts, voicemails, text messages, and more. Managers can also monitor or join live calls from the inbox.


Reply to missed connections in one click

Don’t let missed calls become missed opportunities. With Lead Center, Quick Actions — like “call now” or “text now” — are just a click away. Need context for your next conversation? Not only does Lead Center centralize contacts, it builds a timeline of interactions so you can follow each customer’s journey in real time.

Take your inbox to go

The Lead Center mobile app makes it easy to keep up with your team’s inbox while you’re out. Just like its browser-based big brother, the Lead Center mobile app features your team’s recent, incoming, and active communications at a glance. Use it to call or text from business numbers your customers will recognize.

Stop juggling devices and start focusing on customers.

Stop missing calls, messages, and opportunities. Centralize all your business communications with Lead Center’s unified inbox. Try it free for 14 days.