Contact management that will make your spreadsheets jealous

Trying to keep spreadsheets of leads’ contact information up-to-date across your team? Juggling different documents, unsure which is the source of truth? Or worse: are you using your smartphone’s recent calls list or layers of Post-its as a “system” for which leads to follow up with?

Keep your opportunities organized and centralized with Lead Center. Ensure your team stays in sync by collecting and storing contact information automatically and securely from a variety of communication types: phone, forms, live chat, and text/MMS messages.

Business communications and call log all in one place

Lead Center is a smarter alternative to manual lead management or individually managing contacts across disconnected communication tools. It automatically collects data in the background, connects the dots of the customer journey, and centralizes customer and prospect information for you and your sales and support teams.


Centralize business contacts.

Plenty of businesses know that contact information for customers and leads shouldn’t live in Post-it Notes, yet many still haven’t invested in a tool to keep email addresses and phone numbers in one place. Don’t silo your data by employee or location — make it accessible for all team members to maintain the same set of records from the same secure portal.

Leave disjointed, manual spreadsheets behind.

Spreadsheets are only as good as how frequently they’re updated. Upgrade your system to keep your whole team in-step with one another and leave behind the outdated and lengthy lists of data maintenance procedures. Propel your business into the future with a contact database that’s useful and automatically maintained as you interact with customers.

Collect information from form submissions, calls, texts, and live chat.

Store data from these different communication types neatly under each contact’s interaction panel in your contact database. Set up this scalable system to evolve as your team and business do, and stay adaptable with how your contacts communicate with you to match.


Save time by reviewing caller information and history at a glance.

Ditch for good the time-sucking activity of piecing together a customer’s or a lead’s history. Automatically capture caller information with every contact in the interaction history and breathe easy knowing your customer and lead information is stored all in one central place. From this panel, you can also view which agents have engaged with a given contact and in which ways.

Secure a tracking system for both outbound and inbound communications.

Lead Center allows for identical tracking of both inbound and outbound calling, bringing both functions under the same system of record and giving your business a competitive edge. Keep the contact’s record consistent as they move from marketing to sales to customer service in the process of converting.

A simple contact database to rocket your business to the next level

With every contact easily accessible and automatically up to date, your team can focus on closing leads instead of searching for them. Plus, a tool like Lead Center’s contact database can help you level up how quickly you can hire new people and can get them up to speed.

Want to learn more? Give Lead Center a try with a 14-day free trial.