Better tools for better communication

When the phones light up, it should be a good thing. But too often, customers get left in the lurch when agents scramble to figure out who should answer the call. Lead Center automates call assignments, waiting queues, and transfers, letting you set your team up for success with easy-to-customize workflows. Never drop another call (or lead, or customer).

Lead Center makes communications management as easy for individual sales and support agents as it is for their managers. Customizable call routing, team, and agent settings improve response times while preventing opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Live call, text, and chat monitoring lets you listen in (and chime in) when you need to.

As your business evolves, Lead Center keeps up. Adjust settings on the fly, or update agents and teams in a few clicks. And work together, better.

Setting up agents and teams

In Lead Center, anyone on your team who takes, makes, or transfers your business calls and messages is called an “agent.” Flexible and scalable, Lead Center agent settings put you in control of who initiates or responds to each kind of communication.

Lead Center makes it easy for you to group staff into call teams based on skill, role, function, or schedule, then gives you a bird’s-eye view of their performance. Call teams also help you streamline call transfers and queues, making sure callers reach the right person as soon as they’re free.

Plus, with Lead Center, you can monitor calls, activity logs, and reports or compare team performance to individual agents.

Route callers to the right person, every time

With Lead Center, when customers are ready to talk, your team is, too. It automatically transfers calls based on criteria you choose, like role, expertise, and availability. It even lets you discretely share information with agents before they pick up the phone.

For example, is the caller upset? Do they want to talk about something that’s in your agent’s wheelhouse? Are they ready to buy right now? With every call in context, no one’s blindsided, agents are prepared, and customers are better served.


Lead Center lets you transfer calls two ways: complete a warm transfer with both agents on the line, or do a cold transfer if there is no introduction needed. To make sure sensitive calls don’t require additional assistance, you can still listen in (or even chime in) after they’ve been transferred.

Prioritize calls by setting up queues

Callers start losing patience the instant they’re put on hold. The more they wait, the more likely they are to give up and dial a competitor. Don’t leave your team guessing which call to answer first. Straighten the lines of communication with Lead Center.


Set up a Lead Center call queue in a few clicks. Choose how long you want callers to wait on hold, then which agent or team you want the calls routed to first. (You can even pick the type of hold music that best suits your business’s personality.) When a call reaches the top of your queue, you can ring an individual agent, several agents simultaneously, or agents one after the other in a “round robin.”

However you decide to set up your queue, your customers will keep their place in line, and your team will keep their sanity.

Simplify communications workflows for your growing business and team

The ability to foster opportunities as your business grows requires a communication tool that’s flexible, adaptable, and scalable. Learn how Lead Center can help your team remain responsive and nimble. Try it free for 14 days.