Talk, text, and chat from a single inbox

When you juggle devices, apps, and phone numbers, opportunities slip through the cracks. Lead Center’s unified inbox lets your team centralize and share communications and contacts, so you can power up sales, service, and support.

Anything your phone system does, Lead Center does better

Built around VoIP technology, Lead Center’s built-in virtual phone system works wherever you do. Ditch separate devices, apps, and tethered technologies for a single inbox that centralizes all your business calls and messages.

Streamline your communications

Yes. The Lead Center mobile app is available on iOS and Android, so you can use Lead Center from your personal cell phone without sharing your personal number. You can choose any of your tracking numbers to serve as your outbound call ID for calls or texts.

Yes! You can send and receive Multimedia Messages (MMS) messages right from your inbox.


The short answer is yes. But switching to Lead Center’s full-fledged VoIP softphone would not only mean a more seamless service experience for your customers, it’ll give your team one less vendor, invoice, and platform to manage.

I have a complete list of every person who’s tried to connect with us. I can scroll down... and pick up voicemail or call them back immediately. As a result, we’re no longer dropping leads.

Answer the call. And the text.
And that request from your website.

No credit card required