Make chat a choice for customer communications

Live chat is becoming the channel of choice for customers who want answers fast. On average, 83% of customers are satisfied with their chat experience (for some industries it’s even higher — 98.56% for real estate).

Chatters are also engaged, spending an average 11 minutes and 55 seconds per session. This makes chat an excellent way for businesses to learn more about their buyers. That is, if they have the right tools in place to harness, analyze, and share all those insights.

With Lead Center, offering chat to customers is easy. It uses the same universal code snippet as the rest of our products. And like calls, texts, and form submissions, all your sessions are centralized in a single inbox. You can also track each chat session back to its source, whether it’s an ad, keyword, or some other marketing strategy. And with notifications, you’ll never miss another conversation.

Chat where you talk and text — directly from your Lead Center inbox

Easily offer another way for customers to reach you

Don’t miss opportunities just because you're not communicating with customers on their terms. Seamlessly add chat without having to invest in or manage another piece of software.

Prevent communication silos

With Lead Center, customer chat sessions appear in your unified inbox alongside calls, text messages, and website form submissions. When customers reach out, you’ll see a timeline of every interaction they’ve had with your business, so your whole team can have each new conversation in context.

Harness and share customer insights

Like calls and texts, chat sessions contain a wealth of information about each customer. Lead Center lets you capture, integrate, and manage them with key findings from every conversation, regardless of the channel. Use what you learn to optimize marketing programs, streamline sales, or improve service.

Know how your team’s handling customer conversations

To ensure sales, service, and support standards are met, managers can monitor live chat sessions, and even join them when help is needed.

Build and customize chat widgets

Lead Center’s chat builder makes it easy to launch a chat experience that meets your needs and is consistent with your website.

Real-time chat, made real simple

Get a single, actionable inbox for all your chat, phone, and text communications. Centralize customer conversations and make each contact’s history with your business accessible to your entire team, regardless of where or when they work.

Lead Center makes it a reality. Try it free for 14 days.