Improve customer experiences through call monitoring

Improve customer experiences through call monitoring

Lead Center call monitoring allows you to be as involved as you want to be in calls and to surface actionable insights that improve sales and support conversations and your business. Take the heavy lifting out of call coaching — for all parties involved.

Just choose an active call (or text) from your unified inbox, and jump in when you spot an opportunity for assistance or coaching. Participate actively in conversations or listen in as a fly on the wall — it’s up to you.

How call monitoring optimizes agent learning, training, and coaching

Lead Center call monitoring improves customer conversations across the lifecycle of sales and marketing — all the way through to customer support. Surface insights to apply in one-on-ones, inspire agents, and better your organization overall.


Choose how you listen to and join calls

Choose a mode to listen in, identify opportunities for improvement, and tailor call coaching to suit the situation. As a manager or fellow teammate, passively listen in silent call monitoring mode, use whisper monitoring to offer advice to active agents, or jump into live calls to support a teammate or chime in with additional expertise.


Identify prospect/customer pain points for marketing purposes

Allow team members to listen in on client and prospect calls or call recordings to isolate new messaging or to discover ways to speak to client pain points. In hearing directly from the client, you can unveil new marketing opportunities or effective positioning that you may not have considered.

Provide higher levels of call quality

Using learnings from past call recordings, measure call quality and incrementally improve your callers’ experience and your agents’ customer service.

Increase sales and improve sales agent performance

Level up your sales staff’s calls with call recordings. Record calls by default, or manually record as you go, and bubble up calls to discuss by tagging or taking notes associated with the call for easy reference.

Inbound recorded calls

Enable a culture of call coaching and ongoing feedback

Open feedback loops between managers and agents to foster a transparent, growth-mindset culture. Implement a call scoring system to rank the effectiveness of calls to build an archive of example calls as well as quantify agent performance.

Train employees through listening to real practice calls

Bring new employees up to speed and cross-train employees by using real examples of calls to illuminate concepts and showcase best practices.

Lead Center brings actionable insights to your call monitoring

With potential learnings across multiple areas of your business for customer service, sales, and marketing, there’s a lot to be gained and applied from Lead Center’s call monitoring insights.

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