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Lead Center is a communications hub that keeps up with you — not the other way around. Start your free 14-day trial and never miss another lead.

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Response time is money

If you miss a call, text, or chat from a prospect, chances are, you’ve lost a lead. The challenge is, there are more devices, apps, and ways consumers want to communicate. As a result, it's becoming harder for hard-working small businesses to keep up.

Now, you can take back your leads with Lead Center.

It’s an all-new lead management and communications solution that compiles all your incoming, active, and recent calls, texts, and chats into a single inbox. You can use it in place of — or alongside — your existing phone system. And Lead Center lets you respond to missed messages in a single click.

Lead Center also adds context to every conversation. Each time you’re contacted by a customer, you’ll see a timeline of their interactions — from their first call to their most recent text.

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“With Lead Center, there isn’t a call that comes in that we don’t see, where before there were definitely opportunities for things to slip.”

~ Skyler Andreasen

Yes! Lead Center is an all-in-one solution for inbound and outbound VoIP calls, text and chat messages. You’ll find every customer interaction in this live, unified inbox so you can take calls, send texts, and reply to form submissions and chats to efficiently communicate with customers.

Yes! CallRail uses the same universal tracking code to uncover the marketing driving your calls, texts, form submissions, and chats within Lead Center (Standard and Premium plans).

Yes. Lead Center serves as a digital database for all of your call activity. We’ll store a record of every interaction, a complete interaction history for every contact, and additional items such as call recordings and web session records, when available.

Yes. The Lead Center mobile app integrates seamlessly with iOS and Android, so you can use Lead Center from your personal cell phone without sharing your personal number. You can choose any of your tracking numbers to serve as your outbound call ID for calls or texts.

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