Connect CallRail to your other web apps

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects different apps and services with one another. By creating these connections, you can trigger your apps to automatically communicate and interact with one another under certain circumstances, thereby eliminating tedious tasks and making your workflow more efficient.

Integrating CallRail with Zapier

Each time an action occurs in CallRail, such as an incoming phone call, text, or form, you can trigger an outcome in another app. For instance, if you use a CRM to track customer interactions, you could trigger an action whenever a phone call or sms message comes in to your business number to create a new lead in your CRM, or to add a new activity to an existing lead.

CallRail's Zapier integration allows your to set Zapier triggers to send call data for the following events:

  • Call started
  • Call completed
  • Call recording completed
  • Call tagged
  • Call marked as spam
  • SMS received
  • Source tracker created
  • Session tracker created
  • Company created
  • User created

The possibilities for improving your workflow are endless, and many connections and triggers involving CallRail and other services are already configured, making set up a breeze. Any two Zapier-supported apps can connect with one another.

Currently, Zapier can be used to connect CallRail with with more than 2,000 web applications.