Automatically install CallRail with our Wordpress plugin

With our easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can automatically install CallRail's JavaScript code snippet on every page of your WordPress site, allowing you to harness full functionality of CallRail's visitor-level tracking technology.

Track website visitors with call tracking phone numbers

With CallRail's Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), each website visitor sees a different tracking phone number.

CallRail's attribution magic is based on a simple line of code. When installed on a webpage, it enables Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). This means that each visitor to your website sees a different tracking phone number-and that tracking number follows them as they navigate your website.

By matching each visitor to a specific tracking number, CallRail learns a wealth of information about that visitor's session, including which source or marketing campaign brought them to your site (down to the PPC keywords they searched), which pages they visited, and what they did before and after calling your business.

Know which marketing channels are driving form submissions

With the same javascript tracking script that empowers call tracking, installing CallRail allows you to use CallRail's online form tracking tools. Track any form submission on your website from both external and custom forms to tie a submission back to a marketing campaign.

Installing CallRail on your WordPress site

The CallRail WordPress plugin delivers actionable data and provides insights into your current marketing strategies. Your in-app dashboard is populated with extensive data on where callers come from, helping to identify which marketing channels are working well and where you have opportunities for growth.

Lead tracking on a WordPress website has never been easier. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform for users, and the plugin was created to keep implementation simple. Download our plugin now from the WordPress plugin directory.

Need help with installation? Check out our support article.