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Easy-to-Install WordPress Call Tracking Plugin

The CallRail WordPress plugin is easy to install and allows you to dynamically swap the phone number displayed on your website depending on where the visitor came from. The feature ensures you show the right number to the right user each time they visit your site.

For example, if you’ve created two tracking numbers (one to track visitors from Google Ads (formerly AdWords), and one to track visitors from Yahoo PPC) just install the WordPress plugin, and we’ll automatically detect the visitor’s source and replace the phone number on your website with the appropriate tracking phone number. The WordPress plugin makes the process of enabling call tracking on your website easy. Installation is quick and the data will soon start pouring into your dashboard.

The plugin for WordPress is not the only way to use our Dynamic Number Insertion functionality. You can add the functionality to any website by installing a one-line snippet of JavaScript code onto your website.

Benefits of WordPress Call Tracking

The CallRail WordPress plugin delivers actionable data and provides insights into your current marketing strategies. Your dashboard will be populated with data on where callers come from, which marketing channels are working well, and which aren’t. You’ll be able to use the information gained from the plugin to take action to enhance your website and marketing. Caller details should be closely tracked, and the wisdom gathered from the data should be used to optimize strategy.  

Call tracking on a WordPress website has never been easier. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform for users, and the plugin was created to keep implementation simple. Download our plugin now from the WordPress plugin directory.

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Download it now from the WordPress plugin directory.

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