Automatically install CallRail on every page of your Wix site

Wix is the website builder of choice for over 145 million users worldwide. Their powerful technology helps businesses and agencies build stunning, professional websites quickly with no code required.

CallRail is the only call tracking provider that is 100% compatible with Wix using zero code.

CallRail's attribution magic starts with its JavaScript code snippet. When this single line of code is installed on a landing page of your website, it swaps out the call tracking phone number shown to each individual visitor.

By associating individual visitors with specific tracking numbers, you can learn a lot about that visitor if they call that tracking number: what source or marketing campaign led them to your website (down to the PPC keywords they used), what they did on the site before and after they called, what pages they looked at, and more. By harnessing this power, you can get deep insight into what drives calls on your website.

Integrating CallRail with your Wix website

Our Wix integration automatically installs CallRail's swap.js code on every page of your Wix website. Once activated, CallRail will swap the tracking phone number associated with the appropriate marketing source every time a web visitor navigates to your Wix site.

This allows us to use dynamic number insertion to attribute your phone call and text message leads back to the source, campaign, or PPC keyword that drove the website visit.

With our Wix call tracking integration, you'll be able to:

  • Gain full lead attribution from your Wix websites.
  • Access detailed reporting and analytics inside CallRail's intuitive call dashboard.
  • Analyze inbound lead quality using Conversation Intelligence.

Technical questions? See our support article for more information.