Whatagraph is a reporting tool for agencies. Create stunning visual CallRail reports with the help of Whatagraph in just a few minutes. Collect pertinent data points like caller names, phone numbers, call duration, and sales generated through calls. If the need ever arises, you can create cross-channel reports to compare CallRail performance metrics with other channels - in one place.

By integrating CallRail with Whatagraph you can:

  • Visualize essential call metrics of your sales team: number of calls made, call duration, number of answered calls, sales generated;
  • Use goal tracking widgets to see the progress of your sales team and view call metric development over time;
  • Create cross-channel reports to compare CallRail performance metrics against other channels;
  • View data updates in real-time;
  • Automate report delivery, so your executives or clients receive reports automatically in a timely manner.


CallRail integration is available when purchasing Whatagraph's Premium or Growth plans. Of course, you will have dozens of other integrations available for you to report on too. Try Whatagraph for free for 7 days - all of the features will be available for you to test. See for yourself how effective Whatagraph is at reporting and visualizing your CallRail metrics.