Upgrade your client reports with SuperDASH™

Bring all your call and email data into SuperDASH™ for automated, responsive client reporting and congregated lead data, all in one place.

Integrating SuperDASH™ with CallRail allows you to:

  • Create lead-focused reports: Show your customers what they care about most. Bring in call data, and easily break down ‘conversions’ from CallRail into meaningful leads and goals.
  • Aggregate all leads in one place: Allow your customers to manage leads from their client dashboard via contact forms, phone calls, & other sources you define. You can even allow clients to add their own leads and offer them CRM functionality.
  • Have a big brand look & feel: Small agencies are unique in providing focused work with a personalized touch. Compete with the “big guys” where it hurts by providing hi-tech features and value-adds.