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Automated Client Billing with CallRail’s Stripe Integration

Billing your clients for call tracking services shouldn’t be complicated. With CallRail’s Stripe integration, marketers can quickly and easily setup up their customers with automated, monthly recurring invoicing.

CallRail for Stripe takes the manual management out of invoicing, giving agency professionals an effortless way to manage all of their client billing within a single account. Add individual credit cards for each of your customers and track monthly spending with automated PDF invoice creation.

Profit from your call tracking efforts with custom mark-ups

Turn call tracking into a revenue driver for your marketing agency with custom mark-ups configured at the base fee, minute, phone number, text message, or call transcription level.

Rates are set up at the client level, allowing you to tailor CallRail billing to each of your client’s agreements. Configure each of your clients’ individual rates  and CallRail’s Stripe integration will automatically bill their credit card with the rate of your choosing.

Step 1: Use CallRail to manage your clients’ call tracking campaigns.

Step 2: Integrate automated customer invoicing with Stripe.

Step 3: Profit.


Pair CallRail’s Customer Invoicing feature and Stripe Integration to take advantage of:

Customized billing: Invoicing and rates are set up at the client level, allowing you to tailor CallRail to each of your customer’s needs.

Automated monthly recurring payments: Automatically bill your client using their credit card on the first of every month.

Call tracking as a profit stream: Apply custom markups to both base fees and usage to turn call tracking into a lucrative service for your company.

Streamlined client management: Oversee all of your client’s call tracking campaigns and upcoming invoices within a single interface.

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