Get real-time notifications about your calls, texts, and form submissions

Slack brings team's internal communication into one customizable, searchable interface that speeds up your team's collaboration and workflow. What was once spread out between text messages, G-chat, and email can now happen in Slack's cross-platform application on any device.

CallRail's Slack integration brings phone call, text message, and form submission data from CallRail right into your Slack workspace. Receive real-time alerts when something needs your attention, and even allows you to respond to texts directly from your Slack notification.

View daily performance reports on call volume

Manage multiple companies through separate Slack channels and get daily performance summaries and insights about each in app. Reports include the basics, like the amount of total calls in a day, missed calls, and advanced metrics like which of your sources saw the highest increase or decrease in week-over-week call volume.

slack screenshot

Integrating CallRail with Slack

  • Never miss a lead thanks to real-time slack notifications for calls, texts, and form submissions.
  • Get automatic analysis and high-level takeaways without having to wade into the data for each company, account, and client.
  • Immediately identify when something breaks or needs attention.
  • Monitor notifications in real time as a team.
  • Facilitate your clients' ability to self-manage by providing a versatile lead tracking tool.
  • Follow-up on leads faster by instantly sending form submissions to the appropriate parties.

Questions? Check out our support article for more information.