Slack + CallRail

Receive Real-Time Call Notifications in Your Messaging App


Instant Call Alerts on Any Device

Slack brings team communication into one, highly customizable, searchable interface that speeds up your team’s collaboration. What was once spread out between text messages, G-chat, and even email can now happen in Slack’s cross-platform application on any device.

Our Slack integration brings call, text message, and form submission data from CallRail right into Slack. By integrating CallRail with your internal messaging app, you’re set up to receive real-time notifications when there is a call, text message, or form submission tracked by CallRail.

Slack + CallRail

Here are just some of the benefits of integrating CallRail with Slack:

  • Send notifications about CallRail activity into the appropriate Slack channel of your choosing.
  • Never miss a phone call or text message again with real-time alerts.
  • Follow-up on leads faster by instantly sending form submissions to the appropriate parties.
  • Customize your integration by selecting which tracking numbers, call types, call tags, and call durations to send to Slack using integration filters.
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