Streamline your call data and analytics into SharpSpring

SharpSpring is an affordable, powerful, and accessible sales and marketing automation platform.

SharpSpring’s integration with CallRail allows call data and analytics to seamlessly sync with the SharpSpring platform. Have contact records instantly updated in SharpSpring and trigger workflow automations from call data in CallRail.

Know which marketing efforts are driving call conversions

With Dynamic Number Insertion through CallRail, you’ll be able to track website visitors through a specific call tracking number that’s attached to individual campaigns. Know which landing page they called from and which marketing campaign led them to your site.

When a visitor calls the dynamically-inserted phone number that appears to them, the call data will be saved in CallRail. Once the call ends, a lead will be automatically created in SharpSpring. Within minutes, the CallRail data will sync with the campaign, date, time, and a link to the call recording into SharpSpring.