Create leads and report call and SMS activity with call tracking in Salesforce

CallRail's Salesforce integration enables your sales team to see call and text activity, lead attribution, and customer information all in one application.

By integrating CallRail and Salesforce, you can eliminate the gaps in your Salesforce lead source data by tracking calls and texts back to their specific marketing campaign. This campaign level understanding will give your marketing team the data they need to optimize marketing channels and campaigns and cut costs where necessary based on performance.

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Customize your reporting

CallRail's Salesforce integration allows you to fully customize how your tracking data is reported to Salesforce. You can create customized rules for assigning new leads in your Salesforce campaign, add call-related insights to your already useful dashboards and workflows, and get a better understanding of which leads to focus on.

Automate call scoring to improve lead management

Using Conversation Intelligence, you can automatically assign a "good lead" status to your qualified phone call leads. Send a phone call's lead status into Salesforce for customized lead quality reporting on your marketing campaigns. Setup Salesforce workflows based on our automated phone call scoring to follow-up on known good leads sooner.

CallRail's Salesforce call tracking Integration with enables you to:

  • View all your leads in one central location
  • Fine tune how call information populates into Salesforce
  • Align call data with your pre-existing Salesforce workflows
  • Arm your sales team with the data they need to convert leads faster
  • Listen to call recordings in your Salesforce account to understand the lead journey
  • Analyze inbound and outbound calls from your sales rep within your Salesforce lead reports
  • Report on who your campaigns are impacting, whether current or potential customers

To use our integration, you'll need a subscription to the Lightning Enterprise plan or Unlimited plan in Salesforce.

Technical questions? Check out our support article for more information.