Get a better understanding of your leads in PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals is a sales CRM platform that gives you full visibility into customer accounts and allows you to manage key deliverables, project details, milestones, and deadlines.

CallRail's integration with PipelineDeals helps smooth the sales process by allowing you to engage effectively with your customers. Automatically send important sales activity data about your contacts to PipelineDeals-including recent activities and person details.

To keep your PipelineDeals data organized, CallRail creates new leads for calls, texts, or form submissions from a contact that is not listed in your PipelineDeals account. Any activity CallRail captures from existing leads will be included within PipelineDeals as sales activity for that lead.

Use CallRail's Integration with PipelineDeals to:

  • Track and organize new and existing leads using CallRail data.
  • Fully understand your customers by seeing their call, text, and form submission activity.

Technical questions? Check out the PipelineDeals integration support article.