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Send phone calls and text messages to Optimizely as conversions


View Phone Calls as Conversions in Optimizely

Optimizely saves thousands of businesses around the world time and money by helping them test different versions of content without significant investments.

Since much of the goal of A/B testing is to understand which variations of content or landing pages are producing more conversions, phone call conversions need to be included in the analysis to give a full picture.

The CallRail Optimizely integration connects phone call and text message data tracked by CallRail to Optimizely experiments.  With the integration enabled, CallRail will report which variations of experiments are converting over the phone or SMS back to Optimizely as offline conversions.  Without including call and text conversions, the insights from the experiments run through Optimizely lack key conversion data.

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Here’s a quick summary of what the Optimizely integration allows you to do: 

  • See phone calls as offline conversions within Optimizely
  • See text messages as offline conversions within Optimizely
  • Get the full picture of variation performance in your conversion reporting by including calls and texts

For more information on the integration, see our support article and this blog post.

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