Send Call and SMS Data Directly to Marketo

Marketo is great for tracking form submissions, clicks, and other online activity. But you won't get a full view of lead and conversion data unless you're also tracking call and text conversions.

With CallRail's Marketo integration, you'll have visibility into all inbound leads - alleviating the issue of attribution blind spots. All the phone call and text message data from your leads will be right there in your Marketo account's Main Lead Activity Log.

marketo screenshot

Get deeper insights into what drives sales

CallRail enables data-driven marketers to know what makes their phone ring by tracking phone calls from online marketing campaigns, providing insight into which campaigns are driving conversions, and recording calls for lead qualification and coaching to increase call conversion rates.

For marketers who track phone calls through CallRail and use Marketo, our Direct Connect integration makes sure that your lead's call data is seamlessly passed over to Marketo's lead activity log. No CRM, Salesforce Connector, or manual data entry required.

CallRail Direct Connect Integration with Marketo provides:

  • Direct Connection: No Salesforce Connector, manual data entry or CRM required.
  • Automated Duplicate Elimination: CallRail's direct integration with Marketo combines caller information with Marketo's web tracking to eliminate duplicate contacts.
  • Call and SMS Activity: CallRail will close the lead attribution gap by sending phone call and text message events from your tracking numbers into Marketo's lead activity log. This includes the text message content, tracking phone number, and the caller's name and telephone number.
  • One Source of Lead Activity: All lead activities are captured directly in Marketo's activity log, giving you a holistic view of lead life cycles.

Check out this quick demo to view first hand how CallRail interacts with Marketo. For a detailed outline of the integration, download the CallRail Direct Connect for Marketo Overview.

Once you’re ready to get started, view the CallRail Marketo Quick Start Guide for step by step instructions on setting up the integration.