Factor in call data to optimize your bid management strategy

Marin Software is the leading revenue acquisition management platform, helping marketers save time and money by measuring, managing, and improving ad spend to drive more revenue. Integrating call analytics with bid management helps you optimize your digital marketing to generate more quality leads via phone calls, texts, and online form submissions.

Adjust bids to drive valuable phone calls

Use CallRail’s powerful integration to understand what search keywords, PPC, and display ads drive the most phone calls, texts, or form submissions and reallocate your budget to your highest performing ads and keywords.

Lower cost per conversion while increasing ROI

By collecting both click and call data in Marin, you’ll be able to more efficiently analyze your online campaign performance. View calls or texts to your tracking numbers side-by-side with your campaigns managed in Marin to make fully informed decisions.

CallRail’s Marin Software Integration helps you:

  • See full attribution—including call conversions—for digital ad campaigns.
  • Drive more calls from PPC campaigns for less money.
  • Adjust bid results based on display ads, keywords, and campaigns that drive calls.
  • Automatically identify good leads from PPC campaigns to view the true return on ad spend.

Technical questions? Check out our support article for more information.