Why real-time call attribution with LeadsRx will improve your reach

Track inbound calls as conversion events in LeadsRx to gain full credit for all of your offline phone call conversations. Connecting LeadsRX to your existing marketing tech stack can max return on ad spend, detail full customer journeys, and provide a holistic view of your leads. LeadsRx provides perspective on how prospects build relationships with your brand. View every attribution touchpoint, the cost, and the reward to optimize engagement value points by looking across each customer journey.

Integrating LeadsRx with CallRail allows marketers to:

  • Attribute with touchpoint, marketing campaign, and content result in requests for sales contact and closed deals along the customer journey.
  • Improve your ad spend and allocate budget to programs optimizing direct response and branding campaigns that work to eliminate wasted ad spend.
  • Perform A/B tests across channels to see which marketing channels produce the highest-paying customers.

LeadsRx presents attribution results in real-time making it possible to make agile changes to your marketing. Behind LeadsRx is a powerful data warehouse that allows you to switch between various attribution models in real time.

See here for a detailed explanation of LeadsRx’s processes and timeline.