Track phone call data in your kissmetrics account

Connect the dots between phone calls, website activity, email clicks, and mobile app activity by integrating CallRail with your Kissmetrics account.

Kissmetrics works by pooling online and offline data to reveal every touchpoint a person has with your company. Integrating CallRail with Kissmetrics allows you to send call data into your Kissmetrics account once a phone call is completed. You'll be able to view all of your customer interactions in one, convenient interface.

CallRail for Kissmetrics can help you discover how callers interact with your website after the call, or what specific landing page prompts website visitors to call your business.

Integrating CallRail with Kissmetrics

CallRail integrates with your existing Kissmetrics account through our visitor-level call tracking. Once you've enabled the integration, CallRail will begin sending all the phone calls placed to your website pools as events inside Kissmetrics. You'll be able to customize which tracking numbers, call tags, and call types populate inside your Kissmetrics account.

Phone calls will be available inside all of your Kissmetrics reports, bridging the gap between online and offline conversions. View phone calls in the Kissmetrics Event Manager, alongside other events such as web page views and form completions.

Use our Kissmetrics integration to:

  • See phone calls placed to your tracking numbers inside your Kissmetrics reports
  • View phone calls side-by-side with your website visitor's other events
  • Discover which marketing campaigns provide the best ROI and produce more new customers
  • Better understand how to grow your business with a 360 view of your potential customer's interactions