View calls and campaigns, side-by-side

Kenshoo is a premium solution for managing, automating, and improving your marketing campaigns. But without integrated call tracking, you're only optimizing bids based off of online conversions. Our Kenshoo call tracking integration helps you account for offline call conversions, so you can optimize search, social, mobile and display advertising in one easy place.

CallRail sends the following call data to Kenshoo's platform:

  • Call start time
  • Caller number
  • Dialed number (tracking number)
  • Outgoing number (destination number)
  • Callers name
  • Caller location
  • Start time
  • Call duration
  • Masked_id
  • Call answered
  • Time zone
  • Kenshoo tracking cookie

How CallRail's call tracking for Kenshoo works

Using dynamic number insertion, CallRail identifies the traffic sources, campaigns, and keywords driving phone conversions for your business. Once integrated, CallRail pushes detailed call tracking data into Kenshoo's search marketing dashboard. You'll be able to view calls to your tracking numbers side-by-side with your campaigns managed in Kenshoo.

Use CallRail's call tracking integration for Kenshoo to create optimal bidding rules for keywords that create the largest volume of effective phone call conversions. Fill the gap between your online campaigns and the phone calls they generate with integrated call tracking and bid management.

CallRail’s Kenshoo integration allows you to:

  • Understand which digital marketing efforts lead to a phone call, opportunity, or sale.
  • Use Conversation Intelligence to only send identified good leads as conversions into Kenshoo.
  • Automatically reallocate budget to ads with the highest number of phone call conversions.
  • Generate detailed call conversion reports that map calls to the marketing campaign and PPC keywords that drove them.

Technical questions? See our support article to learn more.