Measure call, text, and form submission attribution driven by your Instagram ads

Discover which Instagram campaigns, ad sets, and ads drive phone calls, text messages, and form submissions in real-time with CallRail’s integration with Instagram. CallRail brings your phone call conversions into Facebook’s Business Ad Manager automatically, so you view call data side-by-side with click data.

Analyze all of your Instagram leads directly within Ad Manager, and gain increased visibility into which Instagram campaigns are driving conversions. Optimize your social media marketing with actionable intelligence that includes clicks, calls, text messages, and form completions.

Lookalike Audiences for Phone Calls from Instagram

By integrating phone calls with Facebook’s Business Ad Manager, you’ll gain a holistic view of social ad performance. You’ll understand which callers were exposed to ads and ultimately made a call, helping you optimize your ad spend to drive the most callers.

You’ll also be able to create lookalike audiences within Instagram for those customers that have converted over the phone, as well as re-target customers who have already placed phone calls. Gain new leads based on the criteria that matters most to your business.