HubSpot + CallRail

Get the full picture of your lead activity.

Premium Integration


Marketing Automation’s missing link: the phone call.

People use HubSpot to streamline & optimize inbound marketing efforts. Online activity is tracked seamlessly by HubSpot–but what happens when a lead picks up the phone to call? We believe HubSpot marketers need to know which campaigns are driving phone calls and how to nurture those leads more effectively. CallRail’s HubSpot integration does exactly that by sending phone call data from CallRail directly into HubSpot’s lead activity timeline.

Once the integration is enabled, the phone call data empowers HubSpot marketers to create certain segments and actions based on that activity.

Here’s a quick summary of what the integration enables you to do: 

  • View contact info, like lifecycle stage, first and last touch, and recent interactions
  • Segment and score leads based on calls and texts
  • Create a workflow to trigger a personalized email after a call or text

For more information on the integration, see our support article and this blog post.

CallRail’s HubSpot Integration is a Premium Integration available to those on CallRail’s Pro and Elite pricing plans. To learn more, contact our Sales Team at

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