Get notified in HipChat when you receive a call, text, or form submission.


See Your Call Activity in HipChat

HipChat’s platform allows your team to easily communicate with one another through group and private messaging. By integrating your CallRail account with HipChat, you can monitor call, SMS, and form submission activity in real-time by receiving alerts when your customers reach out to you.

Choose the HipChat room where you’d like your call activity to report. Then each time your receive a call, text, or form submission, CallRail will automatically alert you in HipChat.

Use CallRail’s Integration with HipChat to:

  • Stay up-to-date with calls, texts, and form submissions.
  • Use HipChat’s communication platform to stay on top of customer interactions.
  • Combine call analytics with your HipChat workflow.

For more information on the integration, see our support article.
Still have questions about CallRail’s integration with HipChat? Contact our sales team today.

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