Google My Business Integration

Track calls from your Google My Business listing

Take control of your local search presence

It’s crucial for any business to stand out in search results, and even more so for businesses depending on local customers. Google My Business (GMB) helps you stand out with a listing that spotlights your local business or service in search results when it’s relevant to any user’s search intent. Each listing includes the business’s hours, phone number, address, website, and other essential information that people may be looking for.

Google My Business extends any business’s ability to reach new customers who arrive through organic searches. But what actions are they taking once they check out your listing? On average, 24% of actions taken on GMB listings are phone calls. It’s time to capitalize on that. By understanding the role GMB plays in your lead generation, you can prioritize how it factors into your marketing strategy.

How CallRail’s integration works

CallRail’s Google My Business integration places a call tracking number as the primary phone number customers see in your listing, while your actual business number is kept as a secondary number in the listing to maintain NAP consistency. In addition to the same insights you’d receive from calls to your other tracking numbers, CallRail’s standard features can now be applied to your GMB traffic: free call recording and notifications, caller contact information, and a record of your customer’s history of interacting with your business across other channels.

GMB traffic can also be brought into your CallRail reports, where you can easily place it up against your other channels and see how it stacks up. By integrating GMB with CallRail, you can get a full picture of how all of your channels are doing in one glance.

When customers click the “Call” button or dial the phone number shown in your Google My Business listing, they are connected to your tracking number. This allows you to separate your Google My Business traffic from other organic traffic, giving you clearer insights into customer journeys.

Our Google My Business integration is available for the Call Tracking Essentials plan and higher. For more information on our Google My Business integration and how to set it up, check out our support article.