Google AdWords Call Tracking Integration

Report Calls as Conversions in AdWords


Direct to Google AdWords Integration

Tracking calls as conversions within Google AdWords helps you measure the full effectiveness of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. CallRail’s direct integration with AdWords sends customer calls straight to your AdWords account, making it easier than ever to align campaign clicks with individual phone calls.

Our AdWords phone tracking integration allows you to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns, by capturing phone leads at the source, campaign, ad group, and keyword level via the Google AdWords API. By hooking directly into AdWords, CallRail simplifies AdWords call tracking and offers users a real-time solution.

How Google AdWords Call Tracking Works

Call tracking is one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy that yields effective, real-time, and accurate information. Using CallRail’s keyword call tracking, a website visitor’s source can be accurately determined and assigned to a unique number via dynamic number insertion.

When your visitor calls this phone number, the CallRail system captures and displays:

  • Call time
  • PPC Campaign
  • Caller ID information
  • Geographic location
  • Last page visited (available with keyword level call tracking)
  • Provided detailed call conversion tracking data on your selected AdWords campaign
Keyword Call Tracking Step 1
Keyword Call Tracking Step 2
Keyword Call Tracking Step 3

PPC Keyword Level Call Tracking

CallRail lets you discover which PPC search keywords are driving phone conversions by matching individual inbound telephone calls to the search keyword the caller used to find your website. Not only can you understand which marketing sources are driving calls, you can also drill down to the individual search keywords and link calls to specific web visitors.

Benefits of Google AdWords Phone Tracking

Pairing Google AdWords with your call tracking takes the mystery out of your offline leads: how are your keywords, ad groups, and campaigns performing?

Seamlessly link your CallRail and AdWords accounts to:

  • Measure and optimize ROI for your search efforts with access to detailed phone call data.
  • Track phone calls from Google AdWords PPC at the source, campaign, ad group, and keyword level.
  • Send accurate phone call data to AdWords in real-time via CallRail’s direct connection to the AdWords API, avoiding the conversion disparity issues that occur with the indirect method through Google Analytics.
  • Identify your most effective landing pages for generating phone call leads.

Call analytics are just a fraction of the bigger picture. CallRail’s Direct to Google AdWords call tracking integration allows you to capture call conversions and gain a deeper understanding of campaign performance. Start your free 14-day trial to get started or contact us for more details.

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